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High Desert Museum Access Programs Sponsored by Mid Oregon

You may miss Mid Oregon Credit Union’s Free Family Saturday at the High Desert Museum. We certainly do! With Oregon’s COVID-19 regulations, the Museum cannot offer these events. Mid Oregon wanted to continue supporting community access to the Museum. So, we are sponsoring the High Desert Museum Access Programs. These programs provide free and reduced […]

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How to Start Looking for a Used Car

Getting a good deal on a used car involves both negotiating a good price and taking steps to make sure the car is reliable. Although buying a used car is often a smart financial decision, it’s also a transaction full of potential for disaster. Many of us know someone who paid too much for a […]

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Simple Tax Tips to Get You Started

Yes, it seems like we just finished filing our taxes. With the April 15 deadline coming right on the heels of last year’s pandemic-delayed deadline, it might be difficult to get motivated to work on your taxes. Here are some simple tax tips to get started. Plan now to get as much back as possible. […]

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Retirement Savings—Start Early

Start Early, Earn More Retirement—it’s not a word you think much about when you’re young. After all, that’s something that happens when you get old. Don’t wait until you are older to think about it: when it comes to your retirement savings—start early! But You Have Social Security! You might think Social Security will be […]

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Check In On Your Finances

By Jean Chatzky * It’s time to check in on your finances, including emergency funds and budget plans. This end-of-the-year financial assessment can help you get back on track in 2021 Budgets and cash reserves aren’t just for corporate America. As the COVID-19 global pandemic keeps going (and going) it’s time to figure out exactly […]