How to Avoid ID Theft!

Identity theft and scams can cost you money; learn the common-sense precautions that can keep you safe. Attend our free financial workshop, “How to Avoid Identity Theft”, Tuesday, September 26, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. at Mid Oregon Credit Union, 1386 NE Cushing Drive, Bend. Presenting this class will be Detective Zach Neemann, Digital Forensic Detective at Deschutes County Sheriff ‘s Office. To reserve your seat please call 541-382-1795 or email Refreshments will be served.

Considering the recent Equifax breach, this timely workshop examines the most prevalent financial crimes at work today. It will provide you with specific, expert-tested tips to protect yourself. Mid Oregon Credit Union is aware of the seriousness of these threats and they are taking appropriate measures to help community members protect themselves.

Identity Theft is a Growing Problem

Identity theft, through phishing schemes, data breaches including the recent Equifax breach, or old-fashioned theft, is a growing problem. There’s no cost to attend and find out how we make ourselves vulnerable to identity theft. Learn valuable tips on how to protect your Social Security number and other personal information and what to do if you are a victim.

For up to date information about identity theft and financial security, including news and alerts, visit Mid Oregon’s website Security and Fraud Center. For our blog post about the Equifax Data Breach, click here.

Promoting Financial Literacy

Mid Oregon Credit Union believes in helping our members and the community educate themselves about this, and other relevant financial topics. Promoting financial literacy is a very important part of our DNA. We provide education most months in our branches in Bend and around Central Oregon. These are always free to the public. For a current list of workshops, please visit our website for the workshop calendar.