Don’t fall for financial scams that target senior citizens; protect yourself by being informed. The public is invited to attend the free workshop, “How to Avoid Scams that Target Seniors”, on Thursday, June 22, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. at Mid Oregon Credit Union, 1386 NE Cushing Drive, in Bend. Presenting the workshop will be Sgt. Dan Ritchie, City of Bend Police Department, Cyber Crime Recognition and Prevention Program. Call 541-382-1795 or email to reserve your seat. Refreshments will be served. Learn how to avoid scams that target seniors.

Cybercrimes That Target Seniors

Cybercrimes are criminal activities generated through computers, cellphones and electronic devices with the intent to deprive a person of financial resources and personal information. Once your personal information has been compromised, reestablishing your identity can be a difficult, timely task that can be both financially and emotionally challenging. This workshop is designed to educate the public on how to recognize potential scams, the ploys suspects use to gain personal information and ways to protect your identity.