On Wednesday, March 4th, Mid Oregon Credit Union joined more than twenty businesses, organizations and professional to speak to dozens of La Pine Middle Students during their career day activities.  Tiffany Zeiler, La Pine Lending Center Financial Services Representative and Wayne Hanson, Membership Development Manager discussed working at the credit union, career opportunities and general workplace tips and helps to groups of six to eight middle schoolers. Each student also received a gold dollar coin.

La Pine Middle School Career DayStudents brought around their “passport” which was “stamped” by the table presenters, and asked questions about jobs and careers at the credit union.  Students rotated every 6-8 minutes or so, and in two hours visited with a wide variety of organizations and careers: from outdoor groups like the Forest Service to highly professional vocations such as an Orthodontist.  The school did a great job of organizing the event, and the students were very polite and engaged.