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Refinance Your Home At a Safe Distance

Refinance Your Home While Avoiding Crowds Mortgage interest rates are very low. and many of us want to take advantage of the potential savings a home refinance can bring. At the same time, people are trying to stay away from crowds and unnecessary interaction with people. Can You Refinance Your Home At a Safe Distance? […]

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Is Your Best Auto Loan Better Than 0%?

When it comes to auto loans, a 0% interest rate is a head-turner, but it’s not always the best deal. It’s not always your best auto loan. Car dealerships generally advertise 0% offers in the summer when they’re looking to make room in the showroom for newer models. The offers come from the financing arms […]

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Spring Break on a Budget

For most college students, the fun and freedom of a spring break adventure is a rite of passage. But what if you have a limited budget? Can you still go on vacation? The following tips will help you go on a fun spring break getaway, even if you haven’t got a lot of money to […]

Achieving Dreams Staying Secure

Automobile Fraud: Steer Clear

When a used car deal seems almost too good to be true, it probably is. Since this is a major investment, it’s important to do your research to verify the car is safe and the dealer is trustworthy. If you’re considering buying a used car, steer clear of automobile fraud by being aware: Vehicle Equipment […]

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When Should You Refinance Your Mortgage?

Mortgage rates are still low. Did you think you missed your home refinance opportunity? You might be one of many Americans who could still benefit from refinancing your home. So, when should you refinance your mortgage? No Cost Review There are many different reasons to refinance your mortgage. At Mid Oregon Credit Union, we offer […]