The Money Jar Episode #6

With the holiday season upon us and the pressure to give the perfect gifts welling up in the psyches of many Americans, it is easy (particularly while wandering the abundantly decked store aisles) to go overboard on holiday spending. But what are the driving forces for our extravagant shopping tendencies and what legacies should we be passing along to our children around making rational consumer choices during the holidays? Join in on the conversation as guest expert and clinical psychologist, Melanie Greenberg breaks down our collective rationalization for lavish holiday spending, while simultaneously introducing us to some alternate activities which will not only prove to be gentler on our pocketbooks, but will help us to foster thought provoking dialog within our families about the practice of giving and receiving.

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Melanie Greenberg, Ph.D., is a clinical and health psychologist with a private practice in Mill Valley, CA. She specializes in helping clients and providers address the effects of life stress on relationships, self-care, health, career, and parenting. Dr. Greenberg applies her knowledge of Cognitive-Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness, and Affect Regulation to promote growth and resilience. Born in South Africa, she came to the United States in 1986 to study Clinical Psychology at Stony Brook, University. She subsequently completed Postdoctoral study in Health Psychology at the City University of New York. Dr. Greenberg currently lives in California with her husband a elementary school aged daughter.