Love My Credit Union!Did you know you’re saving money–maybe hundreds of dollars a year–just by being a Mid Oregon Credit Union member? Of course, the amount you save has a lot to do with your financial habits and the number of Mid Oregon Credit Union products and services you use. On average, credit union member households in the U.S. save about $121 a year vs. similar accounts at other financial institutions.

The more services you use, the more cost-effective all services become.

Credit union members have the ability to influence fees and other charges–as member-owners, you keep fees down simply by using credit union services. Members with ATM cards and credit cards experience even more savings with no, or lower fees than those of other financial institutions. Our lower borrowing rates give members the opportunity to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, and we offer you much more than products and services! We give you security for your savings, answers to your financial questions, and the consumer information you need to make good financial decisions. In essence, we provide everything you need to achieve financial success.

Plus, your financed dollars keep working in Central Oregon.

As a Mid Oregon member, you are supporting local jobs plus investing in local events and organizations!

Bottom line: If you’re looking for a convenient, friendly place to do business and believe in supporting your local community, Mid Oregon is the choice for Central Oregonians. So visit us soon to see how much more you can save by using all of our services!