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Put Savings on Automatic

If you think saving money is too difficult, and even have justifications to back you up, fuhgeddaboudit. We have the solutions to your saving hang-ups. The best way to start is to put savings on automatic. Common “Reasons” We Can’t Save I don’t have the money. That’s the standard cry from those who wait to […]

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Mid Oregon Receives National Award

Mid Oregon Receives National Award The Credit Union National Association (CUNA) National Awards Committee recently selected the recipients of the 2014 Dora Maxwell Social Responsibility Community Service Award. The awards were selected among the winning entries at a regional level. Mid Oregon Credit Union received the Dora Maxwell Social Responsibility Community Service honorable mention for […]

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You’re Not Too Young to Build Good Credit

There are all kinds of “credit”—you can take all the credit, give credit where credit is due, or earn extra credit in class. There’s also another type of credit—financial credit—that deals with borrowing money. Did you know you’re not too young to build good credit? You probably borrow money from friends and family. Pretty soon you […]

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Timing Your Trade-In

The combination of time of year and new-car promotions on the same model you’re driving can mean thousands of dollars of difference on your trade-in. The difference made by timing your trade-in can be significant. Used Car Values Can Drop Used-car values drop more swiftly late in the year. New models have just appeared, while […]

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Choosing a College That’s Right for You

College. For most teenagers, it is the biggest decision of their lives. Choosing a college to attend is a process often riddled with stress, confusion, or both. Choosing a College Can Be Fun Mitch Warren, director of the Office of Admissions at Purdue University, understands why students worry, but he believes choosing a college doesn’t […]