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3 Ways To Save Money As A College Student

By Jean Chatzky* Here’s how to get an A+ in savings When we think of saving money at college, a few key things come to mind, including scholarships, loans and 529 plans. But what about saving money in smaller ways? College is already expensive, so why rack up the debt if you don’t have to? […]

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Seven Ways to Use Your Tax Refund

Seven Ways to Use Your Tax Refund If you’re expecting a tax refund this year, now is a best time to start planning how you’ll use that extra money. The best uses are to pare down debt and bulk up your savings. Here are seven ways to use your tax refund. For instance, you can: […]

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Pros and Cons of College Payment Strategies- Part 1

College Payment Decisions Are you or a family member on the cusp of making college attendance decisions?  Or have you already decided?  So how will college expenses, tuition, room and board, books and incidentals, living expenses…how will they be paid? Do your have any college payment strategies? In Central Oregon we have great options where […]