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How About a Financial Check-up?

Review Your Financial Situation Regularly To stay in good physical health, most people get a medical check-up on a regular basis. To keep your finances manageable, they need a regular financial check-up as well. It’s particularly important to review your finances if there have been changes to your life in the past year. Things like […]

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Mindfulness Key to Spending Control

Mindfulness Key to Spending Control Are you spending too much? For many Americans, the answer is, “Absolutely.” The reasons are varied—lack of a budget or a desire to maintain appearances—but, to better manage your spending, many financial advisers recommend tracking your cash flow and monitoring your emotional state. Here’s how: Planning is Key * Plan. […]

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Practical Ways to Save Money

When you’re on a mission to save money it might seem it will take forever for savings to grow. Saving money often starts with changing “spending” habits. Once you identify your savings goal or goals, here are some ideas that can help, some practical ways to save money. Involve Your Spouse Get cooperation from family—Controlling […]