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Family Finances: Keep Everyone Informed

The Importance of Keeping Everyone Informed In your household, does one person handle all the finances? Who pays all the bills, files the joint taxes, deals with insurance matters, and knows where all the important papers are saved? Who deals with the family finances? What happens if that person becomes ill and can’t take care […]

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Meet Lauren Olson, at Cascade Insurance Center

Recently Lauren Olson became the “go-to” person at Cascade Insurance Center for Mid Oregon members. For several years, locally-owned Cascade Insurance Center has been our Strategic Partner in serving much of our members’ insurance needs. Cascade Insurance Center From Cascade’s Bend Office at 1201 NW Wall St., Suite 100, they help Central Oregonians protect themselves […]

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5 Things to Consider When Moving Out on Your Own

Graduating college is a huge milestone, but moving out on your own, away from dorms and comfortable college-town apartments can be an even bigger step. If you’ve recently graduated, here are five things to consider before moving out on your own, making the big move. 1. Cities are expensive. Buying a house is expensive, but […]

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Insurance Tips for Young Adults

Insurance Needs for Young Adults Most young people don’t think insurance is important—until they need it. Because young adults aren’t wallowing in disposable income, insurance often gets lost in the shuffle of rent, gas, and other routine bills. Here’s how to protect yourself against the unexpected without spending a fortune. Most young adults need only three […]

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Practical Ways to Save Money

When you’re on a mission to save money it might seem it will take forever for savings to grow. Saving money often starts with changing “spending” habits. Once you identify your savings goal or goals, here are some ideas that can help, some practical ways to save money. Involve Your Spouse Get cooperation from family—Controlling […]