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What Makes Up Your Credit Score?

Your credit score is a significant gauge to your financial wellbeing. Understanding why your credit score is important will help you use your credit wisely, and as a helpful financial tool (Read Why Your Credit Score is Important article). Knowing what makes up your credit score is the key to improving a poor score, or […]

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Challenges Beyond Credit Accessibility

The Credit Invisibles: 4 Challenges Beyond Credit Accessibility By: Kimberly Roy, National Endowment for Financial Education® (NEFE®). I met a teacher at a conference recently who shared a viewpoint we sometimes hear from other educators. He claimed that students should be taught never to use credit. He said we should teach every student that if […]

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You’re Not Too Young to Build Good Credit

There are all kinds of “credit”—you can take all the credit, give credit where credit is due, or earn extra credit in class. There’s also another type of credit—financial credit—that deals with borrowing money. Did you know you’re not too young to build good credit? You probably borrow money from friends and family. Pretty soon you […]