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Fast, Responsive Service on Home Loans

Now is a great time to refinance—maybe too great! With mortgage rates dipping back down again, many homeowners are looking at refinancing their home loan. By lowering their loan rate, they can lower their monthly payments, pay off their loans faster, or even consolidate home loan and other debt into a single lower payment. They […]

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Car Buying Tips That Pay Off

Be Happy With Your Car Deal If you’re ready for a new car, make sure you’ll be happy with the deal you get at the dealership. We want you to enjoy your new vehicle more, so here are some car buying tips that pay off. Start by deciding, before you even shop, how much you’re […]

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Understand Financial Aid Definitions

Understand Financial Aid Definitions- a Glossary The terminology used in college financial aid award letters can be confusing. Here’s a quick guide to some frequently used terms, some financial aid definitions: Cost of attendance: The total price of going to a particular college. It includes tuition, fees, room, board, books, supplies, meal plan, and other […]

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Mid Oregon Celebrates Milestone

35,000 Member Milestone! Mid Oregon Credit Union, the only financial institution headquartered in Central Oregon, recently crossed the 35,000-member mark. As we move into the new year, Mid Oregon celebrates milestone of membership growth. We have experienced record membership growth during the past several years as part of an emphasis on increasing access to a […]

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Mid Term Elections- Your Vote Matters!

Your Vote Matters! We wanted to make a reminder that the mid-term elections are quickly approaching and remind you to vote. It is important to have your voice heard and participate in the process. At Mid Oregon Credit Union, we pride ourselves on our community involvement and see it as our duty to encourage our […]