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When Times Are Tough We Can Help

In tough times, it’s more important than ever to develop and maintain good financial habits. Having a household budget and shedding high-rate credit card debt are two obvious things that could benefit most consumers. But figuring out where to start can be a daunting task—especially if you feel like you’re already in trouble. The thing […]

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Put Savings on Automatic

If you think saving money is too difficult, and even have justifications to back you up, fuhgeddaboudit. We have the solutions to your saving hang-ups. The best way to start is to put savings on automatic. Common “Reasons” We Can’t Save I don’t have the money. That’s the standard cry from those who wait to […]

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Practical Ways to Save Money

When you’re on a mission to save money it might seem it will take forever for savings to grow. Saving money often starts with changing “spending” habits. Once you identify your savings goal or goals, here are some ideas that can help, some practical ways to save money. Involve Your Spouse Get cooperation from family—Controlling […]