Credit Finances

Check In On Your Finances

By Jean Chatzky * It’s time to check in on your finances, including emergency funds and budget plans. This end-of-the-year financial assessment can help you get back on track in 2021 Budgets and cash reserves aren’t just for corporate America. As the COVID-19 global pandemic keeps going (and going) it’s time to figure out exactly […]


Year-End Tax Tips For 2020

By Jean Chatzky * These year-end tax tips offer potential savings for your 2020 returns Yes, it feels like we just finished filing our taxes. And yes, it’s already time to start thinking about them again. That means getting organized now and making sure you do everything you can to lower your 2020 tax bill […]


Are You Ready For The Holidays?

By Jean Chatzky* Ready For The Holidays? Every year the folks at consulting firm Deloitte come out with predictions for the holiday shopping season. This year they’re projecting that spending from November to January will increase 1% to 1.5% and – if we get another round of stimulus from Uncle Sam, those numbers could rise. […]