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Often Shorter Car Loans Are Better

When It Comes to Car Loans, Shorter Is Often Better A longer-term loan can make even the most expensive car look affordable. But is it really more cost-effective? You may find that often shorter car loans are better. By stretching out the loan over many years, your monthly payment is likely lower, but you could […]

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Refinance Your Home At a Safe Distance

Refinance Your Home While Avoiding Crowds Mortgage interest rates are very low. and many of us want to take advantage of the potential savings a home refinance can bring. At the same time, people are trying to stay away from crowds and unnecessary interaction with people. Can You Refinance Your Home At a Safe Distance? […]

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A Personal Debt Assessment

A Personal Debt Assessment: Your Financial Life Preserver Do you feel like you’re drowning in debt? Trust your instincts. You might need a personal debt assessment. The national average credit card debt per household is $5,700. About 41.2% of households carry a balance on credit cards from month to month. Our reliance on plastic and […]