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Financial Advice for New Graduates

Are you a recent college graduate, or going to get your diploma this Spring? Or, do you have a new college graduate in your family or as a close friend. If so, this financial advice for new graduates my be important for you or those who are close to you… For the Graduate… You did […]

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4 Things Your Teen Needs to Know About Debt

Upon graduation, many high-schoolers are ready (or think they are ready) for college. They’re emotionally ready to spend time away from home, they’re prepared for the workload of classes, etc. But what many of them lack is financial know-how. According to DailyFinance, within five years of leaving home, most teens are faced with the decision […]

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Pros and Cons of College Payment Strategies- Part 2

What Are Your College Payment Strategies? Are you or a family member on the cusp of making college attendance decisions? Or have you already decided? So, how will college expenses, tuition, room and board, books and incidentals, living expenses, how will they be paid? What college payment strategies do you have today? In Central Oregon […]