Vehicle Financing

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Thinking of buying a new car? Why wait?

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The weather’s warming up, and nothing says summer like hitting the road for a long road trip. Have you had your eye on a new (or even new-to-you) car or truck?

For many of us, we’re working more, earning more, and having a little more left at the end of every month.  Don’t you feel like its time to replace your older, just-getting-by car or truck? It might be a great time, with interest rates still relatively low and plenty of great options for finding that perfect car.

If you’re ready to start looking, why not put yourself in the driver’s seat with a pre-approved loan from Mid Oregon Credit Union? We can help you determine the best vehicle loan for your situation, so you’ll go shopping knowing what you can afford, what your payments and interest rates might be. You’ll be able to negotiate like a pro and drive away with the car you want—and without the pang of regret when your first payment is due.

Ready to get started? Just click here to get started with the Mid Oregon loan team. We’ll follow up with you and help you get pre-approved. Or, if you’re ready to buy now, you can complete a loan application online and start picking out your colors and options. You can even request Mid Oregon financing right at the dealership!

And if you want to see if your dream car is out there, use our CUDL AutoSmart tool to browse and compare.

Not quite ready yet? That’s okay, we can help there too. Sign up for our email list to receive useful tips on shopping and negotiating for your next vehicle. You can also customize your email preferences to receive other news and updates from Mid Oregon.

So, what if you’ve already bought your vehicle? If you fell in love with a car, but you’re not thrilled about the loan that came with it, it’s not too late. Apply now to refinance your existing auto loan–we’ll do everything we can to find you a better deal.

Vehicle shopping doesn’t have to be stressful. Let Mid Oregon help you drive away with your dream car!

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Lender[/button]      |      [button link=”″ type=”big” newwindow=”yes”] Buying Tips[/button]

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