Digital Banking Security

Keep your login credentials secure using these best practices

Security Tab in Digital Banking

Update Your Security Settings

Beginning in March 2023, some of the Two-Factor Authentication methods for recovering your Digital Banking login will be changing. You will no longer be able to use an email address to receive a one-time code to reset your password.

To prevent being locked out of your Digital Banking account, make sure you have set at least one recovery method for your account.

To get started, login to Digital Banking on your desktop computer, and select Settings under the Tools menu. Choose the Security tab to enable your preferred recovery methods.

You can choose from three methods for recovering/resetting your login information:

  • Code via SMS (text message): You'll receive your validation code by text message to your preferred device to confirm any changes to your login or security preferences. 
  • Code via Voice Call: You'll receive a voice call with a validation code to your selected phone number. 
  • 2FA App (BEST method): You can use a third-party authenticator app to push a code to your selected device for validating your identity. Some popular apps include Duo Mobile, Google/Microsoft Authenticator, or Authy, and can be used for digital authentication on other programs as well. Visit your device's app store to find the best option for you.