Free Credit Scores with My Credit Score and Credit Savvy

Mid Oregon Credit Union can give you the financial confidence to help make your dreams come true.

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Just login to Mid Oregon’s Digital Banking and click the My Credit Score widget in the Credit & Budgeting section. You'll be connected to our powerful Credit Savvy feature.

You don’t need to remember a separate login or give your sensitive credit information to an outside credit agency to get your free credit score. It's all right here!

After you enroll, you can get your real-time credit score whenever you need it—and master your credit.

There's so much more to My Credit Score than just free instant credit scores. It can be the key to better financial literacy and control over your money. Read on to learn what it can do for you!

Financial Checkup—Measure your financial wellness with this innovative new tool!

Are you stressed about finances? Want to see a snapshot of your overall financial health? Your Financial Checkup takes about 10-15 minutes and gives you a 360-degree view of your financial health, plus easy, customized recommendations to help you achieve greater peace of mind about your financial picture.

Visit My Credit Score, and scroll down to Your Financial Checkup to get started.


Do you know your most important number?

Many of us don’t keep track of our credit scores. But having a good credit score, and knowing what you can do to improve it, is the key to achieving many of your financial goals. 

When you enroll, you receive anytime, anywhere access to your credit score—check it daily if you want! Plus, you’ll receive simple, straightforward assessments and tips you can use to improve your score. 

In addition, you’ll enjoy these other features:

  • Goals Tool. What if you had a coach helping you figure out what steps you should take to improve your credit score—and helped you stick to it? The Goals tool helps you create a target score, decide how fast you want to achieve it, and then receive updates on how you're doing. Improving your credit score has never been simpler!
  • Credit Simulator Tool. Do you know what a new loan or a higher credit limit might do to your score? Try different what-if scenarios to see how they'll affect your score—before you make a change!
  • Articles on ways to improve your score
  • Information on how your score compares to other consumers in your area
  • Free credit monitoring. Sign up to receive alerts on new accounts or inquiries on your credit report.
  • Special offers tailored to your good credit that can reduce your interest rates and save you money!