Social Media 

Mid Oregon Credit Union Social Media Statement  |  Picture of woman using her phone to access social media

Mid Oregon Credit Union’s social media channels help us stay connected to our members and the community. We invite followers to interact with us by sharing experiences, contributing to conversations, and suggesting improvements.  

Official Social Media Channels

Currently, Mid Oregon is active on the following social media channels:

Why Connect with Mid Oregon on Social Media?

Mid Oregon’s social media provides the latest information on:

  • Products and services
  • Financial education and tips
  • Events and webinars
  • Community involvement
  • Mid Oregon Credit Union news
  • And more!

Should I use social media for customer service issues?

During business hours, Mid Oregon monitors comments on our official social media channels. We welcome members and the community to ask general questions and provide feedback. We make every effort to provide a timely response.

Because Mid Oregon values the security of our members’ information, inquiries about members' accounts cannot be answered on social media. We encourage members to use the following communication methods for the quickest resolution of issues:

Additional Guidelines

We have developed social media guidelines* to serve our members better and comply with Mid Oregon Credit Union’s policies and regulators:

  • Members should not disclose information, such as account usernames and numbers, passwords, PINs, Social Security numbers, or account and transaction details, on Mid Oregon social media.
  • Except for posting winner names related to giveaways, contests, or other promotions, Mid Oregon will not post identifiable member information on social media. Only images of winners who have signed a media release can be posted.
  • Mid Oregon regularly reviews all social media comments. Posts that are unlawful, defamatory, derogatory, discriminatory, off-topic, spam, private or confidential, or inappropriate will be removed.
  • Mid Oregon reserves the right to delete any social media comments that do not adhere to our guidelines; we will block users who are repeat violators.
  • All statements and viewpoints expressed by commenters on Mid Oregon’s social media are strictly those of the commenter.
  • Mid Oregon has a social media representative who is authorized to post pre-approved information on social media and respond to comments. This representative ensures our social media communications comply with applicable laws.
  • Credit union employees who do not have social media responsibilities should not post or reply on Mid Oregon's behalf and do not represent the credit union in that capacity. 
  • Posts or other content placed in social media that refer to Mid Oregon's products and services must comply with applicable advertising and disclosure regulations such as Equal Housing Lender, Truth in Lending, Truth in Savings, NCUA Share Insurance Regulations, etc.
  • Mid Oregon prohibits posts or comments that include copyright or intellectual property infringement on our social media sites.
  • Mid Oregon's logos, photos, and information may not be used on social media without permission.
  • Mid Oregon may post links to third-party websites that relate to topics on our social media sites. Please note this does not constitute an endorsement of the website or organization.
  • Facebook®, Instagram®, LinkedIn®, and YouTube® are owned by third parties unaffiliated with Mid Oregon. We are not responsible for the privacy or security policies of these sites.

*Mid Oregon Credit Union reserves the right to change these guidelines at any time at its sole discretion.