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What do you want to know about our all-new platform? Here's some questions we've received from other members that you might find useful. If you ever have a question, please contact us  or give us a call and we'll be happy to help! 

NOTE: Internet Explorer is not supported on this version of Digital Banking.

Will multiple account owners have their own logins?

YES! Each member will set up their own username and password, and be able to personalize their views, favorite features, and more just as they like. No more sharing passwords! 
If you are a joint owner on an account, and the other member on the account has already logged in, please contact us so we can help you log in for the first time.

What if I have multiple accounts?

You'll have one login, and see all your account relationships in one place!

Can joint account owners (children, etc.) on one account see my other accounts?

NO. Each unique user can only see the accounts where they are a joint owner. By establishing unique logins for each member, every member only sees the accounts that pertain to them.  That is why it is important not to share usernames and passwords on the new system.

Will the new Digital Banking platform allow us to do member-to-member transfers?

YES! Our members have been asking for this feature for some time. Now, if you know a member's account number, you can make transfers into their accounts without calling or coming into a branch.

What about transfers to outside accounts? Can we do those?

YES! We have several ways for you to transfer funds to accounts outside of Mid Oregon.  First, you can set up your external accounts using  the Transfer widget. It only takes a moment, and it enables you to initiate transfers to or from accounts outside of Mid Oregon.
We've also updated our Direct Pay service to a new feature called PayTo:. PayTo: allows you to pay anyone using just an email address or phone number. 
What's even better is that now both these services are available with NO FEES! 

Can I see my accounts from other institutions?

YES, you can! The new platform allows you to "Add External Accounts" from the main Dashboard screen. Add all your checking, savings, loan and credit card accounts from your other providers and see all your activity from one place!  Note: This feature is view-only. To transfer to those accounts, you must set up and authenticate those accounts in the Transfers widget.



Our Digital Banking experts are here to help you.