Children's Accounts

Help your child learn financial values and lifelong practices with a Children's/Minor Account

Learning to save can be one of the most important financial lessons a parent can teach their kids. A significant way to teach them the value of saving is to open their own savings account at Mid Oregon Credit Union.

The sooner they start, the more time and practice they will have.

The impact of having a savings account for your child can be measured in many ways. Not only in terms of dollars and cents, but children will become more aware of their money choices and it provides an opportunity to help kids develop an important financial life skill at an early age. 

A savings account for your child can have a positive effect:

  • Teaches them to save for a "later" reward
  • Teaches them budgeting skills and real money lessons
  • Teaches them important financial vocabulary—words like deposit, savings, balance, withdrawal, interest
  • Gives them a financial relationship they can count on through a lifetime of borrowing, saving, and reaching their financial goals!

Visit any Mid Oregon branch and open a savings account with a minimum $5 deposit. You will also need to have your child's Social Security Number (physical card not required to get started). Your child must be primary on the account. The one-time $10 new member fee is waived for minor children.

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