Digital Banking Features

Now even easier to find what you need!

Our Digital Banking platform is always evolving to make managing your money easier. We've categorized all our services in logical groups so you can save, borrow, budget, and plan your financial life with just a few clicks—whether you bank using your desktop computer or mobile device!

Standard Features

  • View all your accounts in one place. You can even link your accounts from other institutions!
  • Easily transfer funds between Mid Oregon accounts, to other Mid Oregon members—and even your external accounts!
  • Deposit paper checks using your mobile device.
  • Set account alerts to notify you by text message or email.
  • Easily send a secure message to inquire about a transaction or ask us a question about your account.
  • Manage your cards, pay bills, and view your free credit report anytime!
  • Personalized logins for multiple account owners—no more shared passwords! 


Find just what you're looking for

We've organized all the widgets into four "buckets," making it simpler than ever to find the tools you need:

[Note: Some widget functionality may differ between the desktop and mobile app]






  • Accounts
  • Deposit a Check
  • Cards
  • E-Statement
  • Open Subshare
  • Transfers
  • Bill Pay
  • Apply for a Loan
  • Everyday Rewards
  • My Credit Score
  • Skip Loan Payment
  • Financial Wellness
  • Alerts
  • Message Center
  • Settings
  • Check Services
  • Location




Click individual accounts to view transactions, see details, deposit checks (mobile),  and transfer. 

Deposit a Check (Mobile)

Use your device camera to deposit a paper check anytime you like! 


Set up your Mid Oregon credit and debit cards in the app for added security. Turn your cards off/on with a single click if one is ever lost!

Plus—you can even set and update your own Travel Notifications to keep your cards working perfectly when you're away from home!


View up to two years' worth of account statements, switch to paper statements, and view your tax forms and account notices, too. 

Open Subshare

Click to open a new savings account. 


Transfer & Pay

Transfers Widget

Set up external accounts for electronic transfers; initiate transfers between accounts and to other members, too! 

BillPay Widget

Set up payees, schedule bill payments for a person or business, view your payment history, and manage your bill payments.


Credit & Budgeting

Apply for a loan

Click to securely apply for a new loan or account—a lot of information will be pre-filled to make applying easier!

Everyday Rewards

If you have an Everyday Rewards VISA Card, click here to view your rewards points, view merchandise, and redeem your points. 

My Credit Score

View your free credit report, set alerts to stay secure, and learn easy steps you can take to improve your score. Use the easy Financial Checkup Tool to measure your overall financial wellness. The free Credit Simulator helps you see how your future choices might affect your credit score—before you make any changes. 

Credit Savvy Tour

Skip Loan Payment

Check to see if your loan is eligible, and request a skip payment when you need a little breathing room in your budget.

Financial Wellness

View your spending by category, set and maintain savings goals to stay on track, and more!

Check Services Widget

Initiate a stop payment request on a recent check, or reorder checks quickly and easily.




Set alerts to be notified when certain activity occurs on your accounts, such as a deposit, bill payment, or if your balance dips below a certain threshold. 

Message Center

Staying in touch with Mid Oregon was never so easy! Quickly and securely send us a message or ask a question.


Update your password, contact information, and profile.

Check Services

Stop payment on a check, or place a check order.

Locations Widget

Search for a Mid Oregon location, see business hours and contact information.